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GWINNETT COUNTY, Ga. — The father of a Parkview High student punched at school is looking into taking legal action against Gwinnett County Schools.

David Egan underwent reconstructive surgery after being punched in the middle of the day at the school.

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Gwinnett County attorney Mike Puglise says it is time to tighten the rules.

“Should we put more proactive steps in place instead of reactive steps,” Puglise said.

The district has said that they are taking the incident very seriously and they’re actively investigating, but Puglise points to several areas where he believes policies could be tightened, including a more severe punishment and adult supervision.

“The school police, school officials, they have to take more of a proactive role in finding out what is going on behind closed doors,” Puglise said. “We don’t want to send our kids into a combat zone. Not blaming the schools – but did they fail in not looking at their policies and addressing potential problems.”

District officials have said that this incident is extremely rare.

David Egan’s father, Daniel, said his son will have to testify at a disciplinary hearing on Wednesday. Daniel Egan said that an assistant principal reached out to him for the first time on Monday to assure him that Parkview High is a safe school. Despite the reassurance, Daniel Egan said his son won’t be returning to the school.