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Our practice is designed to address the legal needs of growing businesses. Whether yours is a small start-up company or a long-established corporation with plans to expand, our attorneys will provide the counsel you need in today’s fast-paced business environment. Puglise Law Firm’s breadth of legal expertise means responsive, business-minded advice for clients at any point in the business cycle.

Our firm encompasses a range of practice areas critical to any business: Corporate Finance, Business Transactions, Construction, Emerging Business Planning, Partnerships and LLCs, Employment, Public and Private Ventures, Real Estate and Commercial Lending and Tax Law

Corporations, Partnerships, LLCs, and Business Transactions

Choosing the appropriate business entity structure is fundamental to success. The appropriate choice is predicated upon a careful consideration of both tax and non-tax factors. All businesses interact with customers, vendors and other businesses. All businesses additionally interact internally among owners, employees and contractors. As good fences make good neighbors, so do clearly defined relationships. Whether the relationship involves employment contracts, employment manuals, shareholder agreements, independent contractor agreements or the multitude of other arrangements, we are here to help you. As businesses interact, the interaction is often reduced to what we call contracts. Vital to your success is ensuring that these contracts accurately reflect the terms and the spirit of the agreement reached as well as what is to happen should there be a problem. This is no small nor easy feat and should only be undertaken with the advise of a professional.