Why do I need to consult with an attorney?
AAll insurance companies representing the person(s) at fault for your injuries will have at their disposal a team of adjusters, investigators and attorneys working to limit your damages and just compensation. The insurance company’s goal is to pay you the least possible to settle your claim. They are trained professionals who have years of experience and training in denying and minimizing injured parties claims. You need the assistance and guidance of an experienced and professional attorney to protect your interests and help ensure that you, the injured party, receive full and fair compensation for your injuries.
When should an attorney be hired?
AAs a person who might have a potential claim, you should retain an attorney as soon as possible after you have been injured. It is important to know now that after being seriously injured in an accident, or at the hands of a medical professional, you are immediately placed at a legal disadvantage. While you are in the process of dealing with your injuries, the party at fault has notified her or his insurance company and put them on notice. The insurance company’s adjuster being experienced begins to immediately investigate and process your potential claim.

It is important that you do not talk to anyone hired by the insurance company prior to consulting an attorney. This will ensure that your legal rights are protected.

Is the hiring of a personal injury attorney expensive?
AAlthough we are not sure about other law firms retainer arrangements, Puglise Law Firm fee arrangement includes no charge for personal consultation, we do not charge retainer fees, in fact, we will advance all costs to pursue your claim.
What damages am I entitled to recover?
AWhen asked this question we respond by informing the client that there are several factors or types of damages which one can recover in a personal injury claim. At Puglise Law Firm we are responsible for reviewing each factor, consider your specific claim, and obtain the appropriate just and fair compensation from the insurance company.

The basic types of damages are as follows:

  1. Loss of income;
  2. Loss of future earning capacity;
  3. Recovery of medical expenses you incurred for treatment of your injuries and the possibility of future medical expenses;
  4. Pain and suffering; and
  5. Past and future loss of enjoyment.

There may be other damages you are entitled to as a result of your injuries. We at Puglise Law Firm would provide the client a detailed review of their individual damages upon consultation.

When do I need to make a claim for personal injuries?
AIt depends on the type of accident you have been involved in, the time you have for filing a claim will vary (Statute of Limitations).

Contact a qualified personal injury attorney to discuss or you can contact Puglise Law Firm to determine what type of action should be taken to preserve your legal rights.

Does is matter that I wait to make a claim for personal injuries?
AYes. If you wait too long and fail to properly file a lawsuit within the time allowed by law, you will not be able to recover damages for your injuries and be forever barred from recovering.
If I do file a claim will it settle quickly?
AThat depends. However, there is no definite period of time that determines when a case should be settled because every case has its own unique facts and legal circumstances. We at Puglise Law Firm take great pride in our work ethic to avoid unnecessary delays because we understand the hardship an injury can bring. While we are fully aware of our clients desire to have their claims resolved as quickly as possible, if our opponents will not come to terms and settle your case on a basis that you find acceptable, we pledge that we will take your case to trial and seek the collective determination of a jury.
Give me good reasons why I should hire Puglise Law Firm?
  1. We will stand by our clients.
  2. We have protected the legal rights of our clients for over 30 years and ensured positive results.
  3. We welcome our clients participation in their cases and ensure that they fully understand every aspect of their claim so that they are able to render important decisions that can affect their case.
  4. Our attorneys are experienced trial lawyers willing and ready to represent and advocate your rights no matter the circumstances of your case.
  5. We are at your service 24 hours a day.
  6. We only represent clients who have been injured. We do not represent insurance companies nor have them as clients.

If you or someone you know has been injured in any type of accident, call the Puglise Law Firm at 770-985-9852 for a no-charge free consultation, to ensure that your legal rights are fully protected. If you like you can also e-mail us.