Mr. Robert Piccarreto earned his Juris Doctor degree from John Marshall Law School. Robert also holds a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice and an Associate’s Degree in General Education.

Mr. Piccarreto is a former United States Army Airborne Ranger and Combat Veteran. As an Army Ranger, Robert saw combat firsthand during the 1989 Military invasion of Panama that resulted in the capture of Panamanian Dictator Manuel Noriega. Robert has as well worked in the United States Intelligence community, with assignments to the Pentagon and abroad.

In addition, Mr. Piccarreto is a former Police Officer and Georgia State Trooper. As a Police Officer, Robert worked in many specialized assignments to include: The DUI Task Force, S.W.A.T. Team, Criminal Intelligence gathering, and the execution of High Risk Drug Warrants. As a State Trooper, Robert operated on the United Sates Presidential Security Detail, responsible for protecting the President and Vice President of the United Sates, and performed Law Enforcement duties during the 1996 Atlanta Olympics.

Now, Mr. Piccarreto dedicates his time assisting the firm with the Hispanic clients relating to immigration matters, investigations, and consulting on Police Misconduct issues. (Mr. Piccarreto is fluent in Spanish).

Click on the link below in order to read about Robert Piccarreto being appointed as an expert witness in a famous Las Vegas trial.

Las Vegas Tribune

Robert Piccarreto was appointed by a court order from Clark County District Court Judge Joseph Pavlikowski as an Expert Witness in the field of crime scenes …


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